Monday, August 4, 2008


What is better than bruschetta? Tomatoes, garlic, bread, Parmesan cheese. It is good.
It can be bad. Don't order it at Bennigans...ever. Looks like they made garlic bread with hot dog rolls.
Real bruschetta is easy. This is like a "non recipe" because I went more by feeling for the amounts. This is what you'll need.

-Fresh, local ripe summer tomatoes (I also threw in some halved sun-gold cherry tomatoes!)
-Freshly baked Italian bread (Or use a French baguette)
-High quality Parmiggiano-Reggiano (Not pre-grated)
-Extra-virgin olive oil
-Fresh basil
-Salt n'Pepper

I chopped up my tomatoes, taking out the seeds. Put them in a mixing bowl, ripped up some fresh basil and threw it in with them. Poured some olive oil and a little bit of chopped garlic, and some fresh ground pepper and sea salt.

I let this sit in the fridge for a few hours. I don't know if this is standard Italian procedure or not. But it worked. I think it let the flavors get together and party a little.
Then, you cut your bread into about 1 inch or so pieces, and toast them in the toaster oven.
When they come out, take a garlic clove and burn your hands rubbing it on the cut surface bread.
Then, just put the tomato mixture on top, throw some shaved parmiggiano-reggiano on top and some more basil, and even sprinkle some balsamic vinegar. It was so good I considered eating it all and not the gnocchi bake I had made as the main dish.

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Rachel said...

This looks really tasty!

Rachel said...

Also, I'm amused that the helpful link for blind people for the word verification depicts the picture of a person in a wheelchair.