Monday, June 15, 2009

CSA Self-Challenge

This past Friday was an important day in our calendar year: The first produce pick-up of the season from Goldfinch Farms, our organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)!
In a CSA, if you don't know, you pay a farm up front, typically before the growing season starts, for one share in their crops. Then, every week you go and pick up a variety of produce that is in season that they grow on their farm. It isn't like the organic section of the supermarket. There is only local, seasonal produce, and you can only take as much as they allow for one share. I think it is great though, for several obvious reasons such as:

1. No shipping produce long distances, wanting fuel.
2. Supporting local farms.
3. Seasonal produce tastes best.
4. Everything is organic, and although I haven't done a cost comparison, I am almost sure it is cheaper than if you bought everythings organic at the supermarket. Also, it is great for small farmers, allowing them to have a steady income.

This is our second season buying from Goldfinch Farms. This year, a friend of mine also signed up for a share. She made me promise to help her think of recipes to use her share of produce every week. It is a bit of a challenge to use EVERYTHING in your share EVERY week. I know last year I have had to throw a few things away, which makes me sad!! As I was preparing a salad using their generous lettuce from Friday, I had an idea.

1. What if this year, I really challenged myself not to waste ANYTHING given to me, (even if it meant giving a friend a vegetable I don't like, or trying new things, or being extra creative)
2. Also, what if I blogged EVERYTHING I made with each part of my CSA share this season?

So that is my self challenge. I will try to post everything I make with my CSA share. Sometimes it will be a full recipe with measured ingredients and photos. Sometimes it may be a non-recipe with inexact measurements. Othertimes, it may be a brief description. But that is my adventure I have given myself! Check back to see what I made this week!

If you want to find a CSA near you, go to Local Harvest and you can do a search. (You can also find farmer's markets and restaurants that use local ingredients) (Unfortunately Goldfinch Farms is all sold out of shares for 2009. Gotta sign up early!)

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Leslie said...

Congrats on your self challenge! I am kind of doing the same thing, but just for this week. We'll see!